Current Prevention Initiatives

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to eliminating hazing through research, education, and early intervention. These initiatives represent the ongoing effort to make lasting change through innovation.

Wellness Network Hazing Prevention and Education Committee

The Wellness Network Hazing Prevention and Education Committee is made up of students, staff, faculty and community members works to change attitudes and behavior to end hazing on our campus by teaching skills and tools to prevent hazing and promote for positive behavior change.

On-Campus Programming

Hazing prevention on-campus programming occurs throughout the year to support students with the skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to hazing. Educational events occur throughout National Hazing Prevention Week each September. Horns Against Hazing was launched to extend hazing prevention and education to the entire campus through open invitation speaking events, and small group workshops for specific communities. Additionally, students can request workshops and consultations anytime for their organization.

Safety Education Program

The peer-led Safety Education Program is a state-mandated annual training required for all student organizations. The program covers health and safety topics for student organizations, including how to identify hazing and how to report.

Outreach Initiative

The Outreach Initiative provides support and education to families, incoming students, alumni, and community members. Educational initiatives are focused on raising awareness and shifting the culture of hazing. This program is made possible by generous donor support.

Nine Dimensions of Successful Student Organizations Pilot Program

The Nine Dimensions of Successful Student Organizations Pilot Program is designed to help student organizations reduce potential high-risk behavior by reinforcing positive organizational culture. The comprehensive curriculum is based on nine dimensions, one of which is centered on anti-hazing culture. The objective of the program is to give student organizations tools and resources to self-identify core values and goals to build successful membership, operations, and programs.

Hazing Prevention Consortium

The University of Texas at Austin was a member of the Hazing Prevention Consortium led by from 2018-2020. The Hazing Prevention Consortium supports member campuses over a three-year period to develop evidence-based practices for hazing prevention.